2017年 デザイナーの紹介


Illustrator and textile designer in Sweden, People describe her style as bold, fun, quirky, colorful and whimsical, because she loves drawing cute characters and colorful patterns. Her inspiration often comes from nature of her garden. As her clients, Nishikawa Sangyo, UNIQLO, Asahi drinks campaign of 16 cha and so on.



Illustrator and graphic designer in Sweden. She works with patterns and graphic design for print, digital, fabric, packaging, books, magazines and more. She also has long experience working with illustrating and designing books for nonfiction and text books for school. As her clients, Nishikawa Sangyo, UNIQLO, Ogawa umbrellas, etc, and other international companies.

アンナ・リンドステン [デザイナー]


Illustrator and graphic designer in Finland. Her base is in Jakobstad, Ostrobothnia, west coast of Finland. Graphical lines and colorful patterns distinguish her design and she often find her inspiration from everyday life in Jakobstad. As her clients, Nishikawa Sangyo, Ogawa umbrellas, etc, and other Finnish and Swedish companies.

ヨハンナ・ヘグヴェグ [デザイナー]

Mathilde Bregeon[DESIGNER]

After studying at l'ENSAD ( Ecole Nationale superieure des arts decoratifs ) and worked for 10 years within the high-end textile industry for fashion and home decoration brands ( Hermes, Kenzo, Pierre Frey) in France and abroad (Judy Ross in New York and Fabric Frontline in Zurich), Mathilde now works for her own design studio, STUDIO KAERAN, and makes the most of her expertise by developing bespoke textile collections and products for international clients (India, Japan, USA, France).

マチルダ・ブレジョン [デザイナー]

After her studies in applied arts in Paris (Judith Bourdin has been graduated in textile / embroidery in ESAA Duperre); she has worked for years as embroidery designer. In different parisian Maisons: Lesage and atelier Montex. She founded the denovembre brand of fashion accessories during an artistic residency in India, at a dyer's artisan workshop in Gujarat. Residency supported by "l'Institut Francais". This crucial encounter allowed her to learn about saving dyeing techniques, a field of infinite exploration. She travels regularly in India to work in close contact to craftmens in Gujarat and Kashmir. The "Ateliers de Paris", the "Institut francais", the" Carasso Foundation" and the "Chambre des metiers" are valuable partners in her activity.


Following a family tradition, Marion Vidal studies architecture during six years in Paris and Milan. She continues her creative journey at the Fashion
Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where she gets her diploma in 2003
Her first creations put the accessory forward, with metallic armatures and plastrons made of oversize ceramics balls
She launches her eponym brand in 2004, that is now focused on the accessory - especially jewels.
At the same time, she designs accessories for special projects with renown nouses such as Celine, Christofle, Lacoste
In 2011, she receives the Grand Prix de la Creation de la Ville de Paris(Great Prize for Creation, by the City of Paris)
In 2012, she opens her boutique in Paris: 13 avenue Trudaine, 75009 Paris



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